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GSEC Limited Indore - Air Cargo Complex Tariff Schedule

Export – Tariffs

Export – Handling Charges
Types of Cargo Particulars
General Cargo Rs. 0.36 per Kg. (Min. Rs. 60)
# Special Cargo Rs. 1.40 per Kg. (Min. Rs. 235)
Perishable (with exclusive facility) Rs. 2.43 per Kg. (Min. Rs. 235)
Perishable (without exclusive facility) Rs. 0.70 per Kg. (Min. Rs. 120)
DGR Cargo, Valuable Cargo & Silver, Live Animals Rs. 2.00 per Kg. (Min. Rs. 250)
Gold Plain or studded with precious/semi precious stone, Jewellery and Diamond Rs. 50 per Kg. (Min. Rs. 1100)
Overtime Charges Rs. 300 per S.B. or AWB Before 10:30 hrs, and after 20:30 hrs on working day
Amendment Charges Rs. 175 per S.B
Miss-declaration Charges Up to 2%-No charges 2% to 5% wt. diff. – 2 times, Above 5% wt diff- 5 times

Demurrage Charges - Export

The free period for export cargo shall be 24 hrs. For exporters; examination/processing (i.e. 1 working day)

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