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Demurrage Estimation Device
Applicable Charges Estimation Device

CHARGES: Charges will be based on the weight of Cargo in Kgs or fractions thereof and may be assessable either on the Gross weight of the Cargo OR the Volume/Dimensional Weight of theCargo – Whichever is Higher, and charged as per the Category / Commodity Specifications.

Consignment of Human Remains, Coffins and Human Eyes are exempted from the purview of Handling & Demurrage Charges.

VALUABLE CARGO: GOLD, Currency Notes, Diamonds etc are termed as "Valuable Cargo".

VCHC ( Valuable Cargo Handling Charges ) : Other than Gold, Currency Notes, Diamonds etc, if a Cargo valuing above US $ 1000/- per kg (of ACTUAL Weight), it will be termed as Valuable Cargo and charged for, including on demurrage as Valuable Cargo Category/Commodity.

CHARGEABLE WEIGHT : As per Category & Commodity of Cargo, all Charges, including Demurrages will be levied on the Chargeable Weight as per Air Way Bill (i.e. Whichever is Higher from Actual Weight or Dimensional Weight). Formula for Dimensional Weight will be as per IATA (LxBxH / 6000 in cms OR LxBxH / 366 in inches).

  • All Bills are rounded off by INR 1.00
  • INCIDENTIAL CHAGE towards Customs Verification / Examination / Baggage would be @ Rs. 50.00 Per Piece / Case / Baggage. This Charge is applicable Only on Import Consignments.
  • MOBILE PHONE VERIFICATION CHARGES : Rs. 100.00 per Unit / Box / Hand Set / Each Piece would be as Customs Verification / Examination Charges
  • Re-PRINT / DUPLICTE COPY Charges: Rs. 200.00 per Print.
  • Bonding   Handover Charges from BONDED TRUCKING: Re 1.00/Kg.

As per Order No.AV-1 6011/3/2016-ER, Government of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation (ER Division) effective 01.04.2017 :-

  • EXPORT :Free Period for AIRLINES is reduced from 48 hours to 36 hours.
  • Free Period for exporters is reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours.
  • Thus the total FREE PERIOD available for EXPORT CARGO would be 48 hours (i.e., Two working daYs)
  • IMPORT :For import cargo, free period is reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours. (i.e. Two working days). The time of Reckoning of Free Period would start from segregation time reflected in ICEGATE'
  • Till such time Customs facilitation is available 24x7, the Free Period will not include holidays.

1. EXPORT CARGO: Rate as mentioned in Tariff Chart will be charged after 24 Hrs of Carting/ Depositing of Cargo in Warehouse. Demurrage will be charged per day per kg as per Category / Commodityof Cargo.

2. For Back-to-Town Demurrage would applicable from the date of Arrival of Cargo.

3. IMPORT CARGO : Rate as mentioned in Tariff Chart will be charged as per (Category / Commodity of Cargo).

FOR RMS Cargo :(IMPORT): Free Period up to 48 Hrs of Arrival Of Cargo.

For Period from 48 hrs & beyond, demurrage will be charged as per tariff &as per category & commodity of cargo on Per Kilo & Per Day Basis and from the date of arrival of cargo, including of 2nd Saturday, Sunday, Local / National / Customs Holiday falling in-between.

FOR CARGO Under Examination (IMPORT): Free Period of 48 Hrs of Arrival of Cargo.
For Period from 48 hrs to 96 hrs, demurrage will be charged on Per Kilo, Per Day Basis as perthe tariff, category & commodity of cargo & from the date of arrival of cargo, excluding of 2nd Saturday, Sunday, Local / National / Customs Holiday.
For Period from 96 hrs & beyond, demurrage will be charged on Per Kilo, Per Day Basis as per tariff, category & commodity of cargo from the date of arrival of Cargo including of 2nd Saturday, Sunday, Local / National / Customs Holiday.

AUCTION: Fee of Rs. 1500.00 per Consignment (HAWB) would be levied to a Cargo unclaimed for period of 45 days from the date of arrival. This is towards Auction & Valuation Fees. An Importer if wish to withhold has to provide a written request, if not, fee of Rs. 1500/- would be imposed.
• In view of 24*7 customs operations& facilitation, cargo under RMS can be cleared on 2nd Saturday/Sunday & other Holidays & therefore 2nd Saturday/Sunday & other Holidays would be counted as working while calculating free period.

Agencies in need of carrying out services like Fumigation, Pallatisation, Rapping, Re-Packing, Crane Service in Air Cargo Complex are requested to practice below guidelines :

  • Amendment Charges : Rs 175.00 Per Shipping Bill / House Awb.
  • Re-Packing / Rapping : Rs 50.00 Per Piece.
  • Palletisation Charges : Rs 50.00 Per Piece.
  • Fumigation Charges : Rs 50.00 Per Piece.
  • Crane Service Charges : At Actual.

1. Advance email request&followed by representative of agency to register their requirement with GSEC Limited. Registration process would include providing a request letter or print copy of email, duly certified/acknowledged/permitted by Duty In-Charge and obtaining Receipt viz. EMR / IMR / GCR.

2. Agency in requirement for yearly registration for permission of Pallatisation / Re-Packing / Rapping / Fumigation Services, can register themselves by filling up Registration Form with Fee of Rs 12,000/= + applicable taxes. The registration will be valid for One Year. While Registration the agencies will be required to submit documents as per check-list vizdetails of employee with photographs, identification proof etc., so for to authorize them to carry out work in the Air Cargo Complex. Temporary cards will be issued to agencies' personnel.

SCREENING MACHING USAGE CHARGES : Rs 1.50 / kg. (Other than for Courier Screening).


  • All Charges mentioned above are excluding applicable Service Tax.


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