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GSEC Limited - Domestic & International Trading
Logistic Sector GSEC Ltd. Trading – Domestic

Trade is an indispensable means for sustaining the economic growth and development of a nation. Moreover Trading with present trade structure of India, is infinitely growing, thus we focus onto spreading our wings to serve domestic trading, in particular to begin with Furnace Oil, and bitumen.

We are trading in a diverse basket of commodities and products. Our key products are fuel oils, Bitumen and allied petrochemical products.

Bitumen is a mixture of organic liquids that are highly thick, black, sticky, and entirely soluble in carbon disulphide. It is principally used for paving roads, other application for bitumen; for waterproofing products, and sealing functions.
GSEC Ltd. Trading – International

International trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product of India. GSEC Limited is keenly trading in International market. We have been exporting dyes and intermediates across the globe.

We also import Bitumen and allied petrochemical products for the domestic market.
Logistic Sector
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