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Logistics Sector
Logistic Sector Milieu

Logistics Industry consists of four essential transport modes i.e. Sea, Air, Road, and Rail. World air cargo sphere of logistic industry intensification will swell at 5.8% annual rate over the next two decades, amid India’s growth rate would be about 7% for the fiscal in 2010-11. From a longer term outlook, worldwide air freight traffic will be tripling in 2027.
Logistics India – Air Cargo Service

Indian logistics realm is anticipated to grow at the rate of 15 to 20% pa for next 5 years. On the other hand, market share of organized logistics players in India is also expected to double. With the above growth forecast, by 2015, the Indian Logistics’ Industry revenue is expected to reach in the region of US$ 385bn.

Equally, foreseeable future forecasts suggests that Indian Air Cargo market in terms of volume is expected to be at 1.82 million MT of international cargo traffic and 0.86 million MT of domestic cargo traffic by 2011-12.
Logistic Sector
Logistic Sector
GSEC Ltd. Sea Cargo Service

At the core of our schema, Foreseeable Focus Next is sea cargo industry. Indian Sea logistics is rising rapidly at the rate of 20% per annum approximately, twice as compared to global average.

5 years from now, the above growth rate is en-route for 110 million MT mark. The development of infrastructure & shipping companies, in addition to participation of MNCs at the ports, has driven India in a midst of unprecedented boom in Sea Cargo Service sector.

GSEC Limited is buoyant of the above quantitative foretell and equipping itself soon-to-be-launched in the sector.
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